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Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's based on understanding

When I think about it, the world is a very big place. But for some strange reason people always find themselves either trapped or living in a really small world. Similar acquaintances, similar interests, same group of people around you week after week, routines never seem to end and a very big percentage of people refuse to allow change in their lives and minds due to the effort it takes to readjust to those changes. And when I say change, I'm not referring to a spontaneous life with no direction, I think I mean that it's hard to accept that everything is not what it seems, that our worldview is not another person's worldview and that we can not impose our opinions on others due to the different scenarios and circumstances the other person's life is currently experiencing. I would say that cultural differences are the only barriers between people, symbolically of course, I could be a literally meaning and the list would go on and on. But the only thing separating an American from a Mexican is the lack of understanding of the difficulties the other culture lives, whether it is the absence of governmental authority causing chaos in one's life or the frustration that comes along with that leading to emotional and psychological complications. Same as to an African and an American, how is it that an African will ever be able to comprehend the american lifestyle when it comes to the amount of food consumed compared to their country? And its not that one culture is right or wrong, but the misconceptions or the idea that the problem is out of our control, projects hopelessness to the concept of change. How can we make a change when we don't realize we are living in a world with people that are less advantaged than us or that simply need help? Because mostly, advantaged people are on the spotlight creating a perfect visual world while it blocks and distracts us from the real problems of this world. Why do we concentrate on being rich, studying more to earn more or being better to make other people proud? Why don't we focus on the world as a whole, instead of just our world, and its problems to obtain a balance?
I read an article today, it said that this monday, our world will reach 8 billion people living on Earth. Just fifty years ago we had 5 billion people less living here and in fifteen years we'll have a billion more. How are we supposed to live in a world where we are consuming all its resources in the hopes of having a more successful business or a more comfortable life?

But Earth is still a place we all call home, I think its time we start acting like we are an actual family with different cultures and issues. I don't mean to get hippie or like i am in a kind of drug, but I think we are all the same, just different appearances due to our environmental adaptions. Cultures are so complex that they mislead us into thinking that we are from a different species. But the truth is we are all in it for the joy of living a life that who knows, maybe its could be our only life, we all have different purposes, but we still all deserve the right to live without being misunderstood and due to that not being helped.