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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting adjusted

The smell of pao de queijo is unbearable at the moment. I've been eating that and japanese peanuts for two days now because all they eat here in Brazil, or at least the places I can afford, is breaded meat, chicken and beef. My classes are great because they are very laid-back and it seems like my facebook is about to explode with all the notifications of new friends and group discussions about upcoming trips. So far, the bus is okay, I don't hate it yet, it is the one place where I can listen to music and relax while sitting next to the window looking at the chaotic street in Brazil.
Every time I speak with a local in portuguese, I astound myself by how they could even comprehend the words and semi-phrases that were coming out of my mouth, but they are very polite and they just tease me and ask me where I am from. Which is better than being completely ignored and frowned upon I guess. For example, today Brendolyn and I went to the supermarket, Angelinos, the equivalent to Walmart and with all the variety and quantity of things that are sold there, not a single aisle had chile, salsa, good candy or big bottles of water. We realized at that moment that we are extremely american and that we were attracting a little bit to much attention by laughing hysterically in the middle of the aisle because we saw that they sold the underwear next to the papayas and maracujas. They did not appreciate our good sense of humor or as they may think, our childish humor. On our way back my umbrella turned over, a bus splashed water on all our clothes and our shopping ended up consisting of gummy worms and hamburger gummies, very worth the 10 minute walk. And once we got home...more pao de queijo!! (Or at least something that looks like it.)


  1. Ana Paulaaa!!!
    Tu madre nos dio el link de tu blog.
    Ya nos dimos cuenta que si tienes talento para escribiiir ehh...muy clara y divertida! Me dio mucha risa lo del pao de quejioo! jajajaja...
    Pero bueno, te estaremos siguiendo en tu aventura, para que te asegures de poner los detalles (sobre todo del 26-year old ajaja)

    Un besote y a disfrutar!!


  2. ericka!!!!

    creo que nadie tiene mi link haha, lo voy a volver a poner en facebook y graciiiasss!! luego les pongo fotos tambien.

    besos y saludos a tooooodos

  3. jajajajja los calzones! la verdad yo tmb moriria de la risa! aniniiii! todo suena super padre.. aa soy monse

  4. jajajajaaj ANAAAAAAA ! nomanches sigue escribiendo asi claro que lo leemos & que padre que te esta iendo muuy bien & qe tu familia es muy amblee & te quieren muchooo disfruta todo lo que puedas & sigue escribienod & ponienod fotoss & sigue ocmienod eseee PAO DE QUEIJO! cuidate muchoo <3 aaaa SOYY PAMELAA :)